Temperature-controlled environments

Cold store operations are one of the toughest working environments. Not only do the sub-zero temperatures affect your trucks’ battery capacity, electronics, lubrication and drivers’ ability to operate the forklift, but you also need to think about the use of space. Chilled (ambient temperature down to 0°C) or frozen (below 0°) operations require lean, efficient solutions that minimise waste of space, resources and time, while also ensuring reliability in these demanding environments. We have a long history and experience working in low-temperature operations, offering as standard a full range of vehicles and solutions for chilled operations as well as dedicated cold store solutions.

Available lean solutions for cold zones

Dedicated cold store trucks for maximum uptime

  • For temperatures down to -30°C
  • Dedicated cold store specifications & add-ons for each model
  • Service contract tailored to your needs

The complete truck range of Toyota has been designed to work effectively down to 0°C without modification. However, for temperatures down to -30°C most trucks will need to be adapted. Specific features can include stainless steel, cold store oil, anti-slip platforms, heated batteries, etc. Toyota offers a range of warehouse trucks including hand pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks and Very-Narrow-Aisle trucks (VNA), as well as counterbalanced trucks that can be fully engineered for cold store use. Some trucks require little modification, for example, Toyota BT Levio pallet trucks and BT Staxio stacker trucks simply need low-temperature hydraulic oil – in all other respects they are pre-engineered for cold stores with fully sealed components. All cold store machines are clearly defined by the snowflake symbol. This helps drive down costs by reducing the risk of trucks being incorrectly used.

6 tips on how to think lean in cold warehouses

Everything you need to know about logistics in temperature-controlled environments

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Soluzioni automatizzate

La nostra gamma di carrelli e supporti di carico automatizzati offre soluzioni avanzate e flessibili per una più efficiente e conveniente movimentazione delle merci. 

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Soluzioni Toyota con batterie agli ioni di Litio

Un'offerta completa di batterie agli ioni di Litio su tutta la gamma, assemblate in casa secondo i parametri del TPS e gli alti standard qualitativi di Toyota.

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Operatore durante operazione di picking su un BT Optio

La nostra gamma di prodotti

Scopri la nostra completa gamma di carrelli che include anche retrattili, transpallet e commissionatori.

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La nostra offerta di soluzioni finanziarie vi offre la massima tranquillità nella gestione economica della vostra gamma, in maniera da potervi focalizzare sul vostro business, senza pensieri. 

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